POA Patient Kent Solheim in University of Louisville Magazine Spring 2010 issue, “The Green Beret”

Great article about Maj.Kent Solheim, a Green Beret soldier who lost his leg while on a mission in Iraq. You can also see a video of him running in the “Sports Training” section of our website. Click on the following link to view the UL Magazine article

Staff Sgt. John W. Walding Awarded Silver Star, “Army Times” article, 12/15/2008

POA Patient Staff Sergeant John W. Walding was awarded the U.S. Military’s third-highest combat award, the Silver Star. To read more about Sgt. Walding and his heroic actions during a raid in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, click on the following link. Click on the following link to view the Army Times article

POA Patient Leo Morales (hip disartic) of Cancun, Mexico Completes his First 5K!!, 10/10/2010

Leo continues to achieve every goal he sets for himself, the latest of which he accomplished today; he trained for and completed his first 5K walk/run in Cancun, Mexico!! Leo’s ultimate goal is to participate in the New York marathon! He’s already told Stan he better get in shape because they are going to do it together! 😉 Congratulations, Leo!

Ronnie Dickson, “Climbing with Persistence,” O&P Edge Magazine, 10/ 2010 Issue

Ronnie Dickson, who is doing his prosthetic residency at POA, was recently featured in the O&P Edge Oct 2010 issue. His story of persistence and determination is truly inspiring! click on the following link to view the O&P Edge article

Amputee Kelly Bruno on “Survivor: Nicaragua” this Season

On the first episode of Survivor: Nicaragua, Kelly Bruno explained to her fellow castmates that she had a prosthetic leg. This being reality TV, some smugly decided that she was vying for the pity vote.

Then, on the second episode, when Bruno didn’t founder in a physical challenge but mastered it — with a prosthetic leg, thank you very much — the tribe mates were stunned.

“She’s as athletic as we are,” marveled one dumbfounded woman.

click here to view more of the TV Talk article dated 9/29/10