POA is sponsoring First Volley/First Swing Clinics in March!

POA will be hosting two adaptive recreational clinics for anyone with physical challenges in March. First Volley™ Adaptive Tennis will be offered on Friday evening, March 18 at the tennis courts of Caribe Royale Resort, located at 8101 World Center Drive in Orlando. First Volley is adaptive tennis, skills and drills, aimed specifically for amputees and those with physical challenges and is led by instructors with years of experience with this group. Wheelchair players are always welcome to join us. First Volley is the premier program of OPAF and The First Clinics (www.opfund.org). There is NO CHARGE for First Volley, just the chance to try your tennis skills and win prizes!

POA will also hold a First Swing/Learn to Golf Clinic on Saturday, March 19 at the Grand Cypress Golf Resort Golf Academy from 2-4 pm. First Swing/Learn to Golf offers anyone chance to learn or re-learn the game of golf after illness or injury. Anyone with a physical challenge is welcome to join. First Swing/Learn to Golf is a program of the National Amputee Golf Association (www.nagagolf.org). Refreshments and more information on adaptive recreational opportunities will be available at both events.

Following are links to registration forms for both these events. Hope to see you there!!!
First Swing Registration Form»

First Volley Registration Form»

POA’s Anthony Burruto appeared on CNN, “CNN News: Baseball amputee: Coach discriminated,” 2/18/2011

Another great interview with Anthony and his mom, Diane. We are proud to part of his team! 🙂 Click here to view interview

“Amputee Triathlete Overcomes Odds,” Local News Story – KESQ TV, Palm Springs, CA

POA patient Scout Bassett is in the news again! For those of you who don’t know her incredible story, prepare to be amazed and inspired! Click following link to view KESQ interview/video. You can also read more about Scout in the “Living Proof” section of our website. Click here to view KESQ interview

“Legless Pitcher Strikes Out…,” CNN News Wire, 2/15/2011

Following article was released by CNN after Anthony Burruto and his mom, Diane, appeared on HLN’s “Prime Time” last night.
Click here to view CNN News Wire release

Anthony Burruto & his mom were on HLN’s “Prime Time,” February 15, 2011

The discussion continues…. Was Anthony cut from his high school baseball team for the right reasons? Should high school sports be just about winning, or more than that? Join in the debate on HLN’s “Prime Time” Facebook page. Click here to view a direct link to this post on POA’s Facebook page.
Click here

“Should Dr. Phillips Amputee be Cut from team ahead of a better player?,” Orlando Sentinel, 2/14/2011

The Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi is conducting a poll on whether or not Anthony should have been cut from his high school baseball team. You can vote by clicking on following link. Click here to view Fox News broadcast

Fox News interview with Anthony Burruto, 2/11/2011

Fox News ran a second interview with Anthony and his mom Friday night. To view it click on following link. It will show Thursday night’s broadcast first, and then Friday’s will follow after a few seconds delay. Click here to view Fox News broadcast

“Good Morning America” interview with Anthony Burruto, 2/11/2011

Anthony Burruto appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to talk about being cut from his high school baseball team because he is an amputee. Click here to view ABC Nes/Good Morning America interview