POA patient Tanya Khvisko, “Child of Chernobyl gets new Prosthetic Legs,” Fox news, 8/23/2011

Tanya Khvisko, a “child of Chernobyl,” was born with limb deficiencies 4 years after the devastating nuclear power plant accident. She is currently living in Kansas City with host families while attending school. POA patient Maggi Pivovar and Tanya met at a local church where Tanya admired Maggi’s high tech legs, and the two of them formed an instant bond. Maggi noticed that Tanya was in need of new prosthetic limbs. With the help of the Amputees Active Again Foundation (a3foundation.org), she arranged for Tanya to fly to POA this summer. The following Fox news segment was aired after Tanya’s return to Kansas City with her state-of-the-art prosthetic legs and new dreams for the future. Click here to view Fox News segment.

Congratulations to Ronnie Dickson!

Congratulations to POA’s Ronnie Dickson, who will be inducted into the Athletes with Disabilities Network Hall of Fame on November 3rd. He will be receiving the “Rising Star” award. Way to go, Ronnie!!! You can read more about Ronnie and all his accomplishments on his blog. Click here to view blog.

Feedback on Genium Prosthetic Bionic Knee System, 9/2011

Ronnie Dickson put together a video featuring some of our patients trying out the new Otto Bock Genium knee and placed it on his blog, takealegoff.blogspot.com. He also included written feedback from our POA blog. Click here to view video/article.

7-year-old MeiMei White, POA’s youngest Triathlete!, 9/2011

MeiMei White has the focus and determination of a great athlete….and she’s only 7 years old! The fact that she is an above-knee amputee does not hold her back. Last week she completed her first triathlon…. yesterday she was featured on Macon’s local NBC TV news demonstrating her amazing balance while stand-up paddling! Bravo!!!!! What’s next? Whatever MeiMei puts her mind to, that’s what!! Click here to view video.

Interview with POA’s Scout Bassett at World Champs in China, “Back to Beijing,” usatriathlon.org, 9/9/2011

POA’s Scout Bassett returned to China for the first time since her adoption 16 years ago to compete in the ITU World Championships! She will be meeting with media during her stay to share the incredible story of her adoption and life thereafter. More importantly, after the race she will be meeting with a 7-year-old girl who became an amputee after the recent earthquake. What an incredible blessing for them both! Click here to read article.

“U.S. Earns 8 Medals, 2 Titles at Paratriathlon Worlds,” USA Triathlon.org, 9/9/2011

Congratulations to Melissa Stockwell, Sarah Reinertsen and our *SCOUT BASSETT* who earned Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at Worlds!!!! AmAzINg athletes!!!!!!! Click here to read article.

POA’s Jordan Thomas on Front Page of Orlando Sentinel!, “Rollins College Student makes it his Mission to Help Child Amputees Get Artificial Limbs,” 9/7/2011

POA’s Jordan Thomas, a bilateral amputee, was featured in an Orlando Sentinel article on 9/7/2011. Jordan, who lost his legs in a boating accident, is currently a student at Rollins College in Orlando. Click on the following link to read the article. Click here to read article.

POA patient Zoe Gibbs’ ABC News interview, “Teenager Bounces Back from Jet Ski Accident,” 9/7/2011

Zoe Gibbs is ready to get back in the game! The following ABC news segment, filmed at our POA office and fitness center, tells the story of Zoe’s accident, recovery, rehabilitation program and plans for the future. With her determined and positive spirit, she’ll be back on the volley ball court with her teammates in no time!