Another one of our heros – Dan Gade – rode in GW Bush Warrior 100K, 4/28/2012

Here’s another one of our heros! – Dan Gade. He became a hip disartic amputee in 2005 due to severe injuries he incurred while serving as a company commander in Iraq. Dan is now an instructor at West Point, teaching political science and public policy. To read more about Dan and check out some great videos of him walking on with his prosthetic leg, click here –> Dan Gade Living Proof


The Power of having a Positive Self-Perception, 4/25/2012

Oftentimes, when you have a disability others will put limitations on you, telling you, even in a nice way, what you can’t do. My response to that has always been, “You can’t tell me that. “ And then I’m determined to prove them wrong.”I’ll show you!” It’s actually been very motivational for me, and at times, just the nudge I need! The following story illustrates this point, and the power of having a positive perception of yourself.


“Who’s handicapped?,” asked Ellie, with a puzzled look on her face. Her dad, who had just pulled into a disabled parking space, paused for a minute.  “Indeed,” he thought, as his heart swelled with love for his young daughter. “Who is handicapped? Certainly not Ellie!”

Ellie is a smart, energetic, 8-year-old girl with a self-assured quiet confidence. She likes to run, ride her bike, swim, and recently perfected her one-handed cartwheel technique. She’s not much different from most girls her age except for one thing – Ellie wears a prosthetic leg.

Children born with a limb deficiency in China are usually placed in an orphanage, and such was the case for Ellie. Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving and caring couple from the U.S., and doesn’t remember her early life in China.

Ellie’s parents don’t treat her differently than they do her siblings. They all have varied interests and are allowed to participate in the activities of their choice. As I mentioned above, Ellie enjoys running and riding her bike. She also loves to do cartwheels – and is very good at them!

Although she certainly knows that she is different than other children, she doesn’t see her limb difference as a handicap.  It’s that perception and attitude that lets Ellie be who she is, which is a normal 8-year-old girl.  “I’m just me,” is what she would probably say to someone who asks why she is missing a leg. “This is who I am.”

by Karen Hughes, 4/25/2012

POA represents at Celebrity Amputee Golf Classic, 4/20/2012

POA was well represented at the Celebrity Amputee Golf Classic held at ChampionsGate Golf Club on Friday! In addition to staff members Stan, Roger, Reggie and Juan, several of our patients also participated: Thanks to Josh, Randy, Zee, Bruce, Kevin, Dan, Jordan, Mark and Clay for coming out! The event coordinator, Dave Bowen, said this tournament was the most successful one they’ve ever had! Proceeds from this charity will go to provide prosthetic care for the people of Haiti.  Following are some photos from the event.  To view more photos, please visit our Facebook page using the following link: POA Facebook Photo Album – Celebrity Amputee Golf Classic

clay3 randy





Amputee Rock Climbing, 4/13/2012

Ronnie Dickson, an AK amputee and prosthetist at POA, has just returned from another climbing endeavor.  He’s been traveling all over the country in his quest to become the first amputee to reach the V10 bouldering grade – a huge accomplishment for ANY climber! One of Ronnie’s most recent climbs was in the Sierra Mountains (pictured here). You can read about this and other rock climbing activities he has been involved in these past few months on on his “Amplitude” blog site.

Ronnie is also involved in designing a climbing wall which will be part of our training facility here at POA!