POA Clients pictured in Amputee Coalition “Who’s Your Amputee Hero?” Ad

Pictured in the upper left-hand corner of this Amputee Coalition of America ad are two POA “heroes.” John Class, who dedicates himself to assisting amputees from all over the world, sharing information and helping them get the best prosthetic care possible. Many of the people who have reached out to John have been helped here at POA. One such person is Hernan Perilla, a school teacher in Colombia. We fit him with new prosthetic legs and upon his return home Hernan organized and now directs a program to assist disabled people in his country with their needs. You can read more about Hernan in the Client Stories section of our website–>>https://poacfl.com/case-studies/hernan-perrilla/ #noboundaries #poaproud John Have your own amputee hero? The ACA invites you to write an article and submit it to them for possible publication in their In Motion magazine.




#TransformationTuesday  Prosthetic Leg Puts Gymnast Back in Action! (see video)

After losing his leg below the knee in a motor vehicle accident, Jose Gutierrez was determined to return to competition as a gymnast. Jose traveled from the Dominican Republic to POA in Orlando, where he was fit with a prosthetic limb built to allow him to do just that! #noboundaries

Princess Rocio Visits Disney’s Magic Kingdom proudly wearing her new prosthetic leg!

After we delivered Princess Rocio’s new prosthetic leg, she visited the Magic Kingdom at Disney World before returning to Chile. Rocio is so happy with her new leg –no more suspension belt– yay!!!!

Rocio and her family traveled to POA from Chile after they were put in touch with us by Micaela’s mom, Claudia, who lives in Peru. Claudia had posted some photos of 4 year old Micaela dancing in a ballet class with her new prosthesis on our Facebook page, and Rocio’s mom reached out to her. Although the two women had never met, they felt an instant connection, as both of their young daughters were born with missing limbs. Rocio was having issues with an awkward and ill-fitting prosthesis, held on by a belt. Claudia explained that Micaela once wore the same type of prosthesis, and urged her to contact us to see what we might be able to do for Rocio. Soon after, Rocio and her parents traveled to POA and we fit her with a beautiful new socket, knee and foot. Now Rocio is ready to return home and do all the things other little girls her age do, and number one on her list is dance class! #noboundaries


Rocio from Chile

Rock Climbing Clinic/Speaker for Amputee Support Groups

Ronnie Dickson will be at The Edge Rock Climbing Gym in Melbourne, FL on Mon., 10/6 @ 6:30pm with the Viera Amputee Support group. If you are nearby and would like to join them, feel free to stop by! Ronnie, a certified prosthetist, is an above knee amputee and climbing enthusiast who recently took 2nd place at the Climbing World Championships in Spain. Any amputee groups (outside Florida included) interested in having Ronnie as a speaker or organizing a climbing event, let us know and we’ll make it happen! #noboundaries