Nate Winters inducted into NCAS Hall of Fame, 10/11/11

Congratulations to POA patient Nate Winters!! Nate was inducted into the NCAS Hall of fame on Tuesday, 10/11/11 at the 14th annual Giant Steps Awards Banquet. He was presented with the “Courageous Student-Athlete” award for returning to the game of baseball after losing his leg in a boating accident. Click here to read varticle.

POA’s Anthony Burruto appeared on CNN, “CNN News: Baseball amputee: Coach discriminated,” 2/18/2011

Another great interview with Anthony and his mom, Diane. We are proud to part of his team! 🙂 Click here to view interview

Diane Burruto spoke out about Anthony being cut from his high school baseball team due to his disability, MSBNC, 12/14/11

Great interview with Diane on MSNBC this morning. It’s good to know this is getting some much deserved publicity! Click here to view Fox News broadcast