Celeste Corcoran: Endolite Orion Knee + TaiLor Made Foot = Winning Combo!

The combination of an Endolite USA Orion MP knee and TaiLor Made Prosthetics feet enables Celeste to walk with a smooth, stable and comfortable gait – even while wearing boots! #prosthetic #legs #feet #Endolite #Orion #tailormade #foot #amputeefashion

Mixing Playtime with Prosthetics at POA

Micaela, in town from Peru, passes the time playing with POA’s chief canine entertainer, Sarabi, and entertainer-in-training, Kopa. There are no language barriers to FUN! We do our best to make the prosthetic fitting process, which can sometimes be stressful, as easy and pleasant as possible. Micaela gives her new prosthesis a thumbs up, an international symbol for “It’s All Good!” #NoBoundaries

POA Client Double Amputee Special Operations Hero Brian Mast Announces Run for U.S. Congress  #MastForCongress

POA client Brian Mast, a bilateral amputee Special Forces Hero has announced that he is running for a seat in the U.S. Congress! We are proud to support Brian in this noble endeavor. Please check out his campaign site for more info and prepare to be inspired! ‪#‎NoBoundaries‬ #MastForCongress


Please share! Brian is a true hero and would make a great Congressman!

Alex, Hip-Disarticulate Amputee, has a Near-Perfect Gait!

Alex became a hip-disarticulate amputee after a horrific workplace accident. When he arrived at POA a few weeks ago he was getting around as best he could using a prosthesis that was outdated and limited his mobility. We fit him with a NPS vacuum assisted socket system and a C-Leg microprocessor knee, and soon he was walking with confidence–and a near-perfect gait! Today he flew home to Mexico, eager to get back to doing all the things he once enjoyed. ‪#‎NoBoundaries‬

POA Client Brian Mast (double AK amputee) is Serving Our Country Once Again 

POA client St.-Sgt. Brian Mast was a member of the US Army’s elite Joint Special Operations Command, serving as an explosive ordnance disposal operator in 2010, when he lost his legs to a bomb blast. Brian is currently in Israel on a mission trip; the following WPTV West Palm Beach News interview was filmed before he left. For this and more articles on Brian, visit the News and Resource section of our website. We are proud of Brian, and thank him for his past and continued service to our country.