Franklin Mejias, Quadruple Amputee, Making Great Strides in his Recovery!, 12/11/2012

Franklin Mejias, the Venezuelan boy who lost all four of his limbs to a deadly illness last year, was back at POA last month for some adjustments and rehab. WFTV Orlando News aired parts of the following video on their 6pm broadcast that night. We’re proud of Franklin and the great progress he has made!   click here to view video of Franklin at POA

POA patient Franklin, Mejias, Jr., Quadruple amputee, his story of survival, 9/7/2012

Franklin Mejias, Jr. of Venezuela was on a family vacation in Miami when the unthinkable happened – he contracted an aggressive bacterial infection. Doctors fought to save his life, but in order to do so they were forced to amputate his hands and both his legs. The infection nearly killed Franklin, but he battled back and won the fight.  It didn’t break his spirit either; he’s a fighter, with a deep appreciation for just how lucky he is to be alive. Franklin is also very grateful for the help he has received in the United States, so much so, that he asked us to laminate his prosthetic legs with an American flag  design.  Following video tells  Franklin’s Story .  This is the first of many updates to come as Franklin regains his independence and takes back his life.