Hulk Hogan & Rebekah Gregory At POA

When Hulk Hogan was at POA a few weeks ago with 50 to check up on a little girl he had sponsored for a prosthetic leg, he also sat down with Rebekah Gregory who happened to be in town for a prosthetic fitting. They discussed how the Boston Bombing had impacted Rebekah and her son, and what eventually led her to establish Rebekah’s Angels Foundation,
a non-profit created to help children with PTSD due to trauma. They also had some nice things to say about POA and our POA kids!

POA’s Celeste Corcoran: “One Boston Marathon Survivor’s Course to Recovery,” article by Gym Source, 4/12/2017

In this article by Gym Source, Celeste spoke of her first visit to POA, four years ago: “Working with POA she began to feel that ‘nothing was taken from me that I can’t get back. I can even be better than I was before.'” Celeste’s great love of people and new knowledge of prosthetics has put her on a quest to help as many amputees as possible acquire the prosthetic limbs they need. Celeste works passionately with Steve Chamberland, founder of, a non-profit foundation which does just that!

Celeste Corcoran – Stronger Than Ever!

Because of all the great Pilates work Celeste has been doing, the muscles in her legs have strengthened and developed. We made new prosthetic legs which allow her to fire and use those muscles, and Celeste headed back to Boston on Wednesday walking faster, stronger, and with even more confidence! ‪#‎NoBoundaries‬ ‪#‎CorcoranStrong‬

POA Client and Cancer Warrior Dana Pounds Invited to Share Her Story in La Jolla, California

After getting wind of Dana’s treatment results and her work with the Pounding the Pavement initiative, Pfizer invited her to speak at their End of Year Town Hall meeting at the Oncology and Biomedical Research Division in La Jolla, CA.

DanaThis conference includes more than 800 scientists and stakeholders who will hear Dana’s inspirational tale of fighting first for survival and then striving for her dreams in the face of such devastating changes as the loss of her leg and the death of both of parents, a tale made possible by the effect of the experimental desmoid-fighting drug.

So stinking proud of you, Dana Pounds!  #noboundaries   Read Nature’s Academy Newletter for more info on how she came to be invited to speak at the Pfizer year end meeting here–> Natures Academy Article on Dana Pounds or Click Here to read more about Dana in the Client Stories section of our website.


POA’s Celeste Corcoran:  ABC World News ‘Person of the Week’   #BostonStrong


Celeste Corcoran was the ABC World News with Diane Sawyer ‘Person of the Week’ last week. We’re so proud of all her accomplishments! We love you, Celeste! (You might recognize a few of the “therapists” in this video.)  Click Here for Video Link


POA proud of Dana Pounds, who completed her 1st 5K on Friday!

bradentontimesSending a shout out to Dana Pounds!   Congratulations on completing your first 5K!  Dana lost her leg to a rare cancer in 2008 and although recently diagnosed with a new tumor in her hip she is still determined to pursue her dream of completing a marathon.  Read more about Dana Here, in the Client Stories section of our website. (photo appeared in Bradenton Herald, 3/29/2014)

Amy Purdy and Celeste Corcoran–both bilateral amputees–are #POAStrong

Two of the most *wicked strong* survivors and amazing women we know–Amy Purdy and Celeste Corcoran–are in the (POA) house today!    #BostonStrong #LiveBeyondLimits #POAOrlando


POA’s Celeste Corcoran, Boston Bombing Survivor, on TODAY Show this morning, Oct 16 2013

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran featured on TODAY Show this morning. Lots of good footage of Celeste’s two weeks at POA, and all the great strides she made in her recovery while here — first haircut and driving for first time! Click Here to view TODAY Show video

#BostonStrong #CorcoranStrong #TodayShow

POA patient Franklin, Mejias, Jr., Quadruple amputee, his story of survival, 9/7/2012

Franklin Mejias, Jr. of Venezuela was on a family vacation in Miami when the unthinkable happened – he contracted an aggressive bacterial infection. Doctors fought to save his life, but in order to do so they were forced to amputate his hands and both his legs. The infection nearly killed Franklin, but he battled back and won the fight.  It didn’t break his spirit either; he’s a fighter, with a deep appreciation for just how lucky he is to be alive. Franklin is also very grateful for the help he has received in the United States, so much so, that he asked us to laminate his prosthetic legs with an American flag  design.  Following video tells  Franklin’s Story .  This is the first of many updates to come as Franklin regains his independence and takes back his life.