BK Amputee Makes U.S. Track Team, USA Today, 04/27/10

Amy Palmiero-Winters has done what eluded South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee who tried to qualify for the 2008 Summer Olympics. “It’s sort of like Jackie Robinson breaking the racial barrier in professional baseball,” says Roy Pirrung, president of the American Ultrarunning Association and the U.S. team leader for worlds. “I think it’s that high of an impact.” Pistorius’ attempt was clouded by debate over whether his carbon-fiber “Cheetah” limbs gave him an edge. Before naming Palmiero-Winters to the team, USA Track & Field made certain that international officials didn’t have similar concerns, USATF spokeswoman Jill Geer says.

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Ken Green’s Journey Back to Golf, video by “Golf Central,” 11/06/2009

POA patient Ken Green’s journey back to professional golf (and new life) was recently documented in a video interview by “Golf Central.” Some of the footage was shot right here at POA! Ken lost his leg below the knee due to a vehicle accident in the summer of 2009.

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POA Patient Ken Green returns to Professional Golf

Ken Green returned to professional golf today for the first time since the accident that took his leg. The following article gives background information on Ken, his accident and his journey back to professional golf.

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POA’s Nate Winters allowed only one run in his first varsity start since losing his leg (AK) less than two years ago! “Orlando Sentinel” and “Fanhouse” articles dated 4/13/2010


POA patient Nate Winters, who lost his left leg in a boating accident in 2008, allowed one unearned run in four-plus innings in his first varsity game since then. (The following is an excerpt from Fanhouse article) “He’s just a fierce, fierce competitor,” longtime Winter Park baseball coach Bob King said. “It’s why he was able to come back so quickly. It’s why he’s alive today. Forget baseball, it’s the only reason he survived.” He left opposing batters baffled by his curveball and surprised by his control. He left a crowd of about 500 — friends, family, baseball curious — inspired, in awe, cheering and smiling with every pitch. For those that knew his story, there were tears of pride and joy.

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The ACA’s Youth Camp will host its 11th annual camp July 24-28, 2010, at the Joy Outdoor Education Center in Clarksville, Ohio

The Amputee Coalition of America’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp is a 5-day traditional summer camp experience for children ages 10-17 who have lost arms and/or legs or who were born with limb differences. The camp offers challenging activities that build campers’ confidence regardless of skill level.

A unique aspect of their program is that campers are not accompanied by their parents, which inspires campers to take on new challenges, be independent, test themselves and build new friendships in a supportive, caring environment.

Applications are being taken now!
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POA Patient Anthony Burruto featured in ESPN Magazine article, “Let ‘Em Play”

This article is a couple years old; Anthony is now attending Dr. Phillips High School and a pitcher on their baseball team, but the story is just as inspiring today as it was then, which is why I’m sharing it now. You’ll also read about and see photos of other athletes who, like Anthony, are competing in non-disabled sports.

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