Our Technology

POA specializes in engineering and fitting high-performance, leading-edge prostheses that support active lifestyles (including extreme sports) for all ages and activity levels.
Our team is deeply committed to improving your quality of life and helping you achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

Our Prosthetic Technology – Custom Prosthetic Socket Systems For ALL Levels of Amputation

Are you an athlete with a below knee amputation looking for a dynamic prosthesis to use in competition? A young professional with a short above knee amputation who doesn’t want to worry about your leg coming off whenever you sit? Someone with a hip disarticulate amputation who would like to walk independently? No matter what your level of amputation, we have the solutions for you, including POA’s double-wall socket for above knee amputees, Patterson Propulsion Socket (PPS) for Knee Disarticulate, Symes and other amputees who can bear weight on the end of their limb, the supra flex system for below knee amputees, our unique silicone-lined hip disarticulate socket, prosthetic systems for rotationplasty, PFFD, and our patented XOS system for partial foot and other lower limb conditions.