Our Facility

A Relaxed, All-Inclusive Facility

POA’s 22,000-sq.-ft. open-concept facility includes a 7000-sq.-ft. multipurpose area where our patients can move about and interact with each other throughout the prosthetic fitting process. Patients who travel here from all over the world (and there are many) especially appreciate the feeling of community. The café-style kitchen is a great spot to relax, enjoy refreshments, and socialize. Our fitness center is equipped to accommodate all your exercise needs. There is a dedicated play area for our youngest patients which includes a climbing wall, activity table, and plenty of toys and books to keep them busy between fittings. We also have a fun-loving canine crew that provides entertainment for all!

Our product fabrication laboratory is located on-site, allowing us to maintain control over the quality of your prosthesis from start to finish, beginning with a custom silicone liner.

Customer service and satisfaction are our specialty, and we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, family atmosphere. Our patients are encouraged to meet and socialize with each other, and many new friendships have been formed at our POA facility. We recognize that the camaraderie, sharing of experiences, and giving support to others with limb loss provides a sense of community and belonging which is invaluable, no matter where you are in the recovery process.

POA Alignment, Gait & Fitness Training at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates

POA’s 7,000-sq.-ft. training and fitness center takes gait and fitness training to new levels for amputees, starting with precision alignment tools and gait instruction. Our fitness center is equipped to accommodate all your exercise needs – from basic workouts to advanced training for elite athletes.

Gait Training

We provide targeted gait training for all our patients. As you learn to walk with your new prosthesis, we will use advanced alignments tools such as a Laser Posture and Video Analysis to optimize your gait. Our goal is to have you walking with comfort and confidence by the time you receive your finished prosthesis.

Fitness Training

At POA, we take a whole-body approach to training which develops your core strength, balance, agility, and cardiovascular strength. Exercise programs have been developed and tested to adapt to the needs of our patients, their level of amputation, and targeted level of performance. Use of our fitness facilities are free to POA patients, including:

  • Fully equipped fitness and training area, including Ohm Run Delta-Kinetic Trainer, AlterG Antigravity and TechnoGym treadmills
  • Turf training track
  • Access to on-site personal fitness trainers