Below the Knee

For those residual limbs with bony prominences, neuromas, etc., a custom liner will be designed. Most of our transtibial liners are custom made, however there are some instances when an off-the-shelf liner will be utilized. All of our liners are fabricated in our on-site liner manufacturing lab.

The second component of the transtibial prosthetic system is the prosthetic sock. These socks are layered on top of the liner and act as a wick between the liner and the socket. Socks also accommodate for volume changes within the residual limb.

The residual limb is then placed in the socket and air is evacuated through a one-way expulsion valve. Lastly, a sealing sleeve is rolled up to seal against the liner above the socket trim lines.

Another variation of the transtibial socket is the Supra Flex system, which allows lower trim lines and increased flexibility at the knee without sacrificing stability. The following is a demonstration of a patient donning the Supra Flex  system.