Our Mission

Pairing a patient with state-of-the-art prosthetic components such as microprocessor knees and high-energy feet is an important element of the fitting process. However, the most crucial part of the overall success of the system is a comfortable socket. At POA, we make it our goal to ensure our patients receive a socket system that is so comfortable and easy to walk with that they forget they are wearing it!

Expertise, Experience, and Education

POA specializes in the fabrication of prosthetic socket systems and devices for lower extremity amputations and conditions – partial foot, below the knee, above the knee, hip disarticulation, PFFD, rotationplasty and other lower limb conditions, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, paralysis, and foot drop. We have the prosthetics expertise, knowledge and experience necessary to address even the most challenging of cases, including bilateral, high-level and other “hard to fit ”amputations.

Our double-wall socket system for above knee amputees provides an intimate connection with the residual limb, spreading pressures evenly over the entire socket so that the prosthesis feels more like a part of you, instead of an attachment. By combining this system with our advanced fitting techniques, attention to detail, and proven ability to analyze and solve problems, we can provide you with a prosthetic socket which is highly functional and comfortable.

All of our products – from custom silicone liners to carbon fiber laminated sockets – are manufactured on the premises, giving us complete control of the quality and also allowing superior turn-around times. We have the staff and dedication necessary to produce multiple check sockets in one day, among other fabrication feats.