Meet Brett Bolton – One of POA’s pint-sized Dynamos!, 7/24/2012

Meet 6-year-old Brett, one of POA’s pint-sized dynamos! Born in China missing his left leg – from the hip joint down – walking was not an option for him. But when the Bolton family adopted Brett and brought him to the U.S., a whole new world opened up for him. click here –> Brett Bolton […]

POA *Star* Scout Bassett, 7/18/12

For those of you who don’t know the story of Scout Bassett, the attached Challenged Athletes Foundation “Featured Athlete” article gives a good glimpse into her incredible life…. and she’s just getting started! 😉 click here—-> Scout Bassett

We have the best job in the world…. 7/12/2012

Alizabeth (an AK amputee with a short limb) sent us the following text yesterday after she left the office with her finished prosthesis.. “I’m waiting for my flight now. I just walked through the entire airport like a ‘normal’ person and I was actually moving faster than a lot of people. I am feeling so […]

Anthony Burruto breaks records in USA Powerlifting Competition!

POA patient Amazzzzzing Anthony Burruto, a bilateral AK/BK amputee, competed against able-bodied athletes in the USAPL (USAPOWERLIFTING) competition. He entered into the Varsity & the Junior 16&17’s divisions. Not only did Anthony perform well, he broke both records, set new ones, and was awarded two Gold medals and a trophy!! Needless to say, there is […]