Meet Brett Bolton – One of POA’s pint-sized Dynamos!, 7/24/2012

Meet 6-year-old Brett, one of POA’s pint-sized dynamos! Born in China missing his left leg – from the hip joint down – walking was not an option for him. But when the Bolton family adopted Brett and brought him to the U.S., a whole new world opened up for him. click here –> Brett Bolton video


Walking on Air!! Actually….I’m walking on my new NPS prosthetic socket with Genium Knee and Blade Foot!, 7/12/2012

First day walking on my new prosthesis with Genium knee and Endolite Blade foot. I felt like I was walking on air, and with energy I haven’t felt in years. My kids are having a hard time keeping up with me! I want to jump and run!!! Maybe I will! 😉 Stay tuned for the next update! First day on new prosthesis

Sub-Atmospheric Socket Design Technology Gains Momentum, O&P Edge, July 2012

POA’s Stan Patterson, CP and other experts in the field of negative pressure/subatmospheric socket design are interviewed in the excellent article published in this month’s edition of the O&P Edge. —> Sub-atmospheric Socket Design Technology Gains Momentum


Team POA represents at the USA Triathlon Florida Region Paratriathlon Camp, July 13-15, 2012

Three of our POA patients – Ellie, MeiMei and Gustavo, participated in the USA Triathlon Florida Region Paratriathlon Camp held in Orlando July 13-15, 2012. POA’s Mabio Costa, an accomplished paratriathlete, was a guest speaker at the Camp. He was there to offer encouragement and provide inspiration to the challenged athletes in attendance.

Way to go, Team POA!

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We have the best job in the world…. 7/12/2012

Alizabeth (an AK amputee with a short limb) sent us the following text yesterday after she left the office with her finished prosthesis..

“I’m waiting for my flight now. I just walked through the entire airport like a ‘normal’ person and I was actually moving faster than a lot of people. I am feeling so incredibly grateful right now. I feel like I could do anything! This is a landmark day for me. I have not felt this independent in 15 years!”

April Holmes, “the fastest amputee in the world,” Fox News Orlando, 7/9/12

April was on the local Fox News last night….. great interview! We’re looking forward to cheering her on in the Paralympics in London next month!!! Fastest Amputee in the World

Anthony Burruto breaks records in USA Powerlifting Competition!

POA patient Amazzzzzing Anthony Burruto, a bilateral AK/BK amputee, competed against able-bodied athletes in the USAPL (USAPOWERLIFTING) competition. He entered into the Varsity & the Junior 16&17’s divisions. Not only did Anthony perform well, he broke both records, set new ones, and was awarded two Gold medals and a trophy!! Needless to say, there is already talk about the 2016 Paralympics in Rio!