POA patient Chris Gordon (above knee amputee) took part in Wounded Warrior Project TV Spot

The Wounded Warrior Project asked POA patient Chis Gordon to appear in their latest TV Spot, “Injuries and Experiences.”

Wounded Warrior TV Spot


Bree McMahon flys to Boston in Support of Bombing Victims

At the request of the ABC show, 20/20, Bree flew to Boston to meet and give hope to victims who lost limbs as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Bree McMahon on ABC News 20/20


CNN Interview: POA’s Jordan Thomas (bilateral BK amputee),

Jordan Thomas was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper yesterday regarding the recovery process for amputees. He will be providing support to the Boston Marathon bombing victims in a few weeks. Great work, Jordan!    CNN Interview Link

To read more about Jordan, click here.

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HELP US HONOR THE FAMILIES OF FALLEN SPECIAL OPS FORCES MEMBERS! There are many programs and services for warriors who return home, but what about the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice? Please join POA in supporting the Gold Star families by contributing to this fund and/or forwarding to others. Thank you! – Stan Patterson, CP, POA


“I want to do for these families what I would have wanted people to do for my wife and kids if I had not made it back.”
Kent Solheim, Service Member and Trident Dive Club Member

“Every dollar donated goes directly to the cause. Teaching these kids how to scuba dive and then showing them the ocean for
the first time truly is a magical experience.” —Pat Duffy, Chatham Bay Foundation

“There are many great programs available for combat veterans and their families once they return home, but who is caring for the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice?”—Stan Patterson, CP, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates

This summer, for the 3rd year in a row, the Chatham Bay Foundation will take 23 Gold Star family members (widows and children of fallen Special Operations Forces members) on a week-long SCUBA diving trip to Key Largo, Florida. The purpose of this trip is to honor and recognize families who have lost a loved one in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (Afghanistan) by providing them with a unique opportunity to become certified Open Water divers. There are many events and programs available for returning veterans and their families, but these Gold Star families—who have had to make the ultimate sacrifice—HAVE TOO OFTEN BEEN OVERLOOKED.

In addition to SCUBA instruction and Open Water diving certification, the families will enjoy other activities throughout the week such as kayaking, fishing and swimming with dolphins. The trip will be of no cost for the families. Your donations will help fund this trip and every dollar donated through the Chatham Bay Foundation will be used to pay for this event.

These families hold a special place in the hearts of our volunteers, many of whom are military diving veterans with families of their own.  “I was lucky,” recalls Kent Solheim.  “I got to come home. While I was deployed I worried about the welfare of my own family if I were to be killed in action. I signed up for that, but they didn’t, and I’d want them to have people and resources available to help them recover and heal from their loss.” Solheim suffered an injury in 2007 while on a mission in support of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM that led to the amputation of his leg. He single-handedly thwarted an enemy assault by exposing himself to enemy fire to kill a rocket propelled grenade gunner and enemy gunman maneuvering on his comrades. He was awarded a silver star for valor. “I’m 100% committed to this project,” says Solheim, who continues to service on active duty as an amputee.  “My wife and children are also emotionally invested and involved in fundraising for this year’s trip.”

Donate online: http://www.firstgiving.com/chathambayfoundation

Donate by mail: Patrick Duffy, Chatham Bay Foundation, 1405 Foulk Road, Ste. 100, Wilmington, DE 19803
Phone: 302.479.9500 | Fax: 302.479.9200 | Email: pjd@chathambay.com

***   All Donations to Chatham Bay Foundation are tax deductible!! Tax ID: 26-01671      ***

A heartfelt message for the people who suffered limb loss as a result of the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon

An editorial by Karen Hughes, Web/Social Media at POA


My heart goes out to you. I lost my leg above the knee to cancer when I was just 13 years old, and have known the fear and despair you must feeling as you look down at your missing limb(s) and think, “what kind of life am I going to have now?”  If I could, I’d visit each and every one of you in your hospital rooms, wrap my arms around you and your loved ones and let you know that it’s going to be ok. You are alive. You are loved. You will recover. You are not alone.

Close your eyes and feel the support of our nation’s people–both able bodied and differently abled–united in prayer and hope for your success.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and confused as you navigate the challenges of learning to live your life with prosthetic limbs, reach out to to the incredibly supportive community of people living with limb loss. There are stories and articles available on the internet which provide useful information, as well as social media websites like the Amputee Coalition’s Facebook Page and Empowering Amputees, which offer encouragement and peer support.

Take a deep breath and know that when you stand and take your first steps, you will not be alone. The entire nation has your back, and we won’t let you fall.  And remember this; the only limits you have are the ones that you set for yourself.  You’ve got this.   Video link: You Are Not Alone: Amputees Living Full and Active Lives

With all my love, prayers and hope for your successful recovery,


mabio-worlds Mabio Costa – paratriathlete

MeiMei wins 1st Place in Youth Category at PTRC Triathlon!

Sending a huge shout out and congratulations to POA’s **MeiMei White!** MeiMei finished FIRST in the Youth Category at the Paratriathlon Regional Championship held in Clermont, FL on March 23rd. She is now one of the Top Contenders for the National Championship!!! WOW! Great job, MeiMei! We are so proud of you!!  Article from USA Triathlon Florida Region website