Boston Bombing Survivors Offer Support To Orlando Terror Attack Victims

POA client Celeste Corcoran, who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon bombing 3 years ago, stopped by last Friday for a “prosthetic tune-up” before attending a vigil for victims of the recent terror attack here in Orlando. The next day, Celeste and nine of her fellow bombing survivors visited Pulse nightclub shooting survivors in their hospital rooms, offering love, hope, and support. Following is link to Boston Globe article on the group’s visit to Orlando. Marathon Survivors Visit Victims of Pulse Nightclub Shooting

 #PayingItForward #OrlandoStrong #Boston Strong

POA Client Jim Ramage, AK/BK Amputee

Long-time POA client Jim Ramage and his lovely wife, Deb, pose for a photo with Roger before returning home to Pennsylvania after a week at POA. A bilateral (AK/BK) amputee, Jim does the type of difficult manual labor that most able-bodied men couldn’t do – heavy equipment repair and welding. To do this job as an amputee, Jim says he simply requires two things – the right attitude and the right prostheses.