POA #LiveYourBestLife Patient of the Week – Marilyn, AK Amputee

Marilyn was a fairly new amputee when we met her. She had lived a very active life, and wanted to get back to doing the things she enjoyed. As you can see in these photos, Marilyn loves her blade, and uses it to do all sorts of activities! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you are an amputee, too old, etc.; go out there and live your best life! Thank you for sending us these photos, Marilyn! To our POA peeps: we’re sending out a call for photos of you, living your best life! The photos would be added to our media library and possibly used for advertisement, brochures, education, and, of course our POA “wall of fame” (and upcoming video wall)! 😎 Images need to be high def for printing quality – approx 3.0 jpg or higher. Email to Karen.Hughes@poacfl.com. 

Patterson Propulsion Socket (PPS) Prosthetic System is a Game Changer!

This socket design, named for POA founder Stan Patterson, CP, features a two-piece flexible socket system with an attached carbon fiber strut. This innovative design allows the patient to utilize their muscles in a way not possible when wearing a traditional prosthetic socket, resulting in a much more natural stride. The carbon fiber strut helps propel the prosthesis, and the patient is able to control it by firing their muscles, giving them a better awareness of the position and movement of their limb.