Kent Solheim in Huffington Post article, “Green Berets Overcome Loss of Limbs and Look To Help Others Do The Same,” 5/26/2013

POA’s Kent Solheim took part in this years’ Warrior 100 Bike Ride, an event hosted by former president George W. Bush at his ranch to honor wounded veterans. Kent remains on active duty as an amputee. We thank him for his continued service to our country and people, and his strong commitment to the families of fallen Special Ops soldiers. Kent is involved with a non-profit group called The Chatham Bay Foundation which sponsors yearly SCUBA diving trips and instruction to the families of Special Ops soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. “I want to do for these families what I would have wanted people to do for my wife and kids if I had not made it back,” says Kent. If you are looking for a way to show your gratitude to our nation’s heroes, this program, where every dollar donated will be used to pay for the SCUBA event, is a great cause. ¬†Click on the following link to read the Huffington Post Article, Green Berets Overcome Loss Of Limbs And Look To Help Others Do The Same


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