Heat + Humidity = “Summer Sweat Syndrome!” — Here’s Some Relief for Amputees

Even the best fitting prosthetic limb can become uncomfortable when you are in a hot and humid environment for an extended length of time.

I recently discovered that some prescription strength antiperspirant products had become available over-the-counter, so I gave them a try. Certain Dri antiperspirant (roll-on version), and Secret Clincal Strength antipersirant/deodorant are the two I tested.
I prefer the Certain Dri; you apply it to your limb before going to bed and remains effective for 2-3 days afterward (even after showering), but both products work well. I now use it when I am planning to be outdoors all day in the summer (at the beach or local theme parks), and especially when engaging in strenous activities.

Give these products a try if you find yourself suffering from “summer sweat syndrome!” 🙂

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