POA’s Leo Morales on track to establish new Guiness World Record!

Leo Morales lost his leg at the hip to cancer in 2008.  We met he and his wife a few months later, when they arrived in the U.S. looking for a prosthetic practice that would be willing to work with him to achieve his goals.  As a hip disarticulate, that would require a a lot of motivation and dedication from Leo, and he delivered it, 110%.

When he returned to Mexico, Leo made a promise that he would bring disability awareness into the spotlight in his country. Next month, Leo will be attempting to establish a new  Guinness World diving Record by descending 122 meters into the ocean.  Leo is receiving extensive attention from the press regarding this feat, and he is using it to fulfill the promise he made to Stan.

From Leo Morales…  “Please show and share with all my loved friends there in POA. Thanks to all of you guys, you give me the motivation to establish a world record.  Please tell Stan he make this happen.   See you soon.”    Click on following link to view the video  “DEEP DIVING WORLD RECORD (for) PEOPLE (with) DIFFERENT CAPABILITIES”——->> Leo Morales

To read more about Leo, check out his Patient Profile Page



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