Trying Out New Prosthetic Components

This patient, a bilateral above knee amputee, is ready to transition from a pediatric to an adult prosthetic knee soon, so while she tests her new sockets she is is also checking out a new knee. We think it’s important to allow our patients to trial a product whenever possible to ensure they are happy […]

Bilateral AK Amputee Ukrainian Solider Walking Strong on Two Prosthetic Legs

Mykhailo arrived at POA about two months ago as part of a group of Ukrainian soldiers brought to the US by the nonprofit organization Revived Soldiers Ukraine.  In that time he has dedicated himself to learning how to walk on prosthetic legs and becoming strong enough to walk unassisted. Yesterday, Mykhailo walked around our building, […]

2-year-old Louie Walking for 1st Time on Two Prosthetic Legs

Louie was interested in every part of the prosthetic fitting process! He was especially impressed with his “bendy” knees!

Making a Prosthetic Leg – From Start to Finish

Watch POA prosthetist Rick Shultz create two glittery princess prosthetic legs for Juliette – one for everyday and a running blade for playing and running FAST! ✨💖🦿 Although condensed to a little over four minutes in the video, the time it takes to create a prosthesis (or two, in this case) from casting to final […]

Talie, Hip Disarticulate Amputee

Talie, a hip disarticulate amputee, who recently returned home with her first-ever prosthesis is already out there living her best life! We received the following message and video from her the other day: “Walking in Crested Butte – sidewalks??? I have many miles to go but I am on the path. Thanks again for everything!” […]

Mei White, PFFD Amputee – Paralympic Dreams Come True

Flashback to 2012! MeiMei and Ellie were getting ready to participate in their first triathlon and were very excited! We did a fun little interview about their dreams for the future, which included, especially for MeiMei, being in the paralympics! Fast forward to 2021, and MeiMei is in Tokyo, competing as a swimmer in the […]

POA #LiveYourBestLife Patient of the Week – Marilyn, AK Amputee

Marilyn was a fairly new amputee when we met her. She had lived a very active life, and wanted to get back to doing the things she enjoyed. As you can see in these photos, Marilyn loves her blade, and uses it to do all sorts of activities! Don’t let anyone tell you that you […]

Zappos Adaptive Shoe Line Helpful for Amputees

Zappo’s, an online shoe retailer, has a new program which lets people buy single and mixed size shoes. Very helpful for amputees! Many times the foot on our sound side foot is larger/smaller or more wide/narrow than our prosthetic one. That means we usually need to sacrifice either fit or comfort – or buy another […]