Ronnie Dickson leads another successful Rock Climbing Clinic, 1/12/2013

Following link to a tv news segment on the adaptive rock climbing clinic held in Phoenix, AZ last weekend. Ronnie Dickson introduced several amputees to climbing, including two bi-lateral shoulder disartics who were able to make it all the way to the top! Congrats to all!  Click here to view video —> Phoenix TV Channel 12, Adaptive Rock Climbing Clinic


POA’s Rock Climbing Wall is now under construction!, 7/9/2012

Our rock climbing wall is now under construction… it won’t be long before Ronnie Dickson, CP and experienced rock/boulder climber, will be teaching interested patients how to traverse it!

climbwall1 rockwall2 rockwall3

Ronnie Dickson’s Adaptive Climbing Video, Joshua Tree, CA

Ronnie Dickson’s latest adaptive climbing video has just been published. Absolutely worth checking out! If you are on the fence re giving rock climbing a try, this will provide you all the inspiration and motivation you need!

Click here to view video.