POA patient Nate Winters’ return to baseball, “ESPN Rise” article dated 5/16/2011

ESPN Rise recently published an article about Nate Winters’ return to the mound two years after he lost one leg above the knee and badly injured the other in a boating accident.

Click here to view the ESPN Rise News article

POA’s Anthony Burruto Debuts as Motivational Speaker at Goodwill Industries Dinner, 4/2011

Anthony Burruto traveled to Ohio to speak at a Goodwill Industries annual dinner in Ohio last month. Well done, Anthony! Click here to read article

Anthony Burruto continues to rise above the controversy surrounding Dr. Phillips High School’s decision to cut him from their baseball team

Check out this video of POA’s Anthony Burruto boxing! He hasn’t let the disappointment of being cut from Dr. Phillips High School baseball team keep him down. Anthony works out four days a week with a personal trainer who specializes in athletes who have physical limitations and military guys who are amputees. He plans to play on a travel team and try out for Dr. Phillips again next year. 😉 Click here for video link

Fox News interview with Anthony Burruto, 2/11/2011

Fox News ran a second interview with Anthony and his mom Friday night. To view it click on following link. It will show Thursday night’s broadcast first, and then Friday’s will follow after a few seconds delay. Click here to view Fox News broadcast

“Good Morning America” interview with Anthony Burruto, 2/11/2011

Anthony Burruto appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to talk about being cut from his high school baseball team because he is an amputee. Click here to view ABC Nes/Good Morning America interview

Fox News interview with Stan Patterson regarding Anthony Burruto, “Disabled pitcher cut from team,” 2/10/11

Fox News interviewed Stan Patterson today regarding Anthony Burruto being cut from Dr. Phillips High School’s baseball team. In it Stan explains how Anthony’s prosthetic legs work/were designed and gives his opinion on the high school’s decision. Click here to viewFox News video/article

“POA Above Knee Amputee Patient Nate Winters Returns to Pitching/Baseball!” – video by local TV station WFTV (3/24/10)

At the time Nate Winters lost his leg in a boating accident 20 months ago he was already highly rated by college recruiters interested in signing the talented pitcher when he completed high school. One of the first goals Nate set for himself when he began his rehabilitation was to return to the mound as a member of the Winter Park High School JV baseball team. With a lot of hard work and determination Nate was able to achieve that goal this week! We at POA are very proud of him, and look forward to watching Nate succeed at whatever goals he chooses to pursue in the future. click here to view video