Amputee Sisters, Gracelyn and Addilyn, Taking Off On Their Prosthetic Legs!  #POAproud

What a joy it was to meet Gracelyn, Addilyn and their wonderful family! It was an extra special treat to watch Addilyn, 2, take her very first steps, and then see Gracelyn take off on her new running foot!  #whywelovetocometoworkeveryday

POA’s Celeste Corcoran Is Taking her Life Back…One Step at a Time! Boston Strong!! 8/4/2013

We are so proud of Celeste Corcoran and all the great progress she made in just two weeks!   Friday, her last day at POA, was also a day of empowerment.  Stan Patterson had the honor of being her first haircut client in our makeshift salon. 🙂  After that, Stan taught Celeste to how drive a car with her prosthetic legs using the X3 microprocessor leg in ‘drive’ mode for the gas, and her left (BK) leg on the brake.  She was a little apprehensive at first, but the lesson went off without a hitch, and another obstacle to Celeste’s independence was conquered!  Next was a session with personal trainer Jim Borda in our fitness facility. He worked with Celeste to put together a series of core strengthening exercises to improve her balance and walking. Following video shows highlights of the day –> Celeste Corcoan Takes Her Life Back

#BostonStrong #CelesteCorcoran #POAOrlando



JR, Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

JR, a bi-lateral above knee amputee who traveled to Orlando from Guam,  is a true example of what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and determination.  The following video shows JR in various stages of gait, strength, and exercise training.  He also learned how to climb up and down stairs and walk smoothly and with confidence on inclines and uneven terrain.   JR’s Formula for Success


Walking on Air!! Actually….I’m walking on my new NPS prosthetic socket with Genium Knee and Blade Foot!, 7/12/2012

First day walking on my new prosthesis with Genium knee and Endolite Blade foot. I felt like I was walking on air, and with energy I haven’t felt in years. My kids are having a hard time keeping up with me! I want to jump and run!!! Maybe I will! 😉 Stay tuned for the next update! First day on new prosthesis

We have the best job in the world…. 7/12/2012

Alizabeth (an AK amputee with a short limb) sent us the following text yesterday after she left the office with her finished prosthesis..

“I’m waiting for my flight now. I just walked through the entire airport like a ‘normal’ person and I was actually moving faster than a lot of people. I am feeling so incredibly grateful right now. I feel like I could do anything! This is a landmark day for me. I have not felt this independent in 15 years!”

POA video Patient Profile on Laura Ortiz, BK Amputee, 6/28/2012

Amputee * Triathlete * Warrior — Laura Ortiz of Miami, Florida is all these things and more. She is an example of how the power of determination and persistence can help you triumph over the difficulties life can throw at you. Whether you are a new amputee learning to walk with your prosthesis, or setting your sights on running or participating in the sport of triathlon, Laura’s spirit and personal commitment to succeed is sure to inspire you! POA Patient Profile: Laura Ortiz

The Bionic Man! Nate tries out BiOM PowerAnkle with an Orion Microprocessor Knee, 5/18/2012

Pairing some new technologies… a PowerAnkle and Microprocessor Knee. view video –> AK walking on BiOM PowerAnkle and Orion MPK