JR, Bilateral Above Knee Amputee

JR, a bi-lateral above knee amputee who traveled to Orlando from Guam,  is a true example of what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and determination.  The following video shows JR in various stages of gait, strength, and exercise training.  He also learned how to climb up and down stairs and walk smoothly and with confidence on inclines and uneven terrain.   JR’s Formula for Success


Jordan Thomas interview, The Golf Channel, March 2012

The Golf Channel recently interviewed POA’s Jordan Thomas (bi-lateral amputee). At age 22, Jordan is a scratch golfer, high-achieving college student, and President of his own Foundation which benefits child amputees.

Jordan Thomas Interview, Golf Channel, Mar 2012

Amy Purdy, bi-lateral amputee, competing on CBS reality show, “The Amazing Race,” this Fall!, 8/29/2012

Look for POA’s Amy Purdy on the CBS Reality Show The Amazing Race Season 21 which will premiere on September 30th! She and her boyfriend of many years, Daniel, are competing together as a team. Following link contains team photos and video introduc

tions. Amy is a double amputee who lost her legs – but not her spirit – to meningitis; it only made her stronger. Since then she has competed in and won countless snowboarding competitions, founded a non-profit in support of adaptive sports and travels the world giving speeches, inspiring and encouraging all who meet her. We are so proud to be part of her team! Join us in cheering for Amy and Daniel as they race around the world!!    Fall 2012 The Amazing Race Team Video Introductions and Photos

Amy Purdy, Snowboarding Champion and bilateral BK amputee, gives Running a try!, 5/23/12

Amy Purdy, World Cup Champion snowboarder, skateboarder, wakeboarder and inspirational speaker, is learning to run for the first time on her prosthetic legs! She lives in Colorado and will be running on mountain trails, but since there are no mountains in flat Florida, we tested the legs on “Mount POA” – the steep ramp behind our facility. 😉

—> Amy Purdy running video

POA patient Tanya Khvisko, “Child of Chernobyl gets new Prosthetic Legs,” Fox news, 8/23/2011

Tanya Khvisko, a “child of Chernobyl,” was born with limb deficiencies 4 years after the devastating nuclear power plant accident. She is currently living in Kansas City with host families while attending school. POA patient Maggi Pivovar and Tanya met at a local church where Tanya admired Maggi’s high tech legs, and the two of them formed an instant bond. Maggi noticed that Tanya was in need of new prosthetic limbs. With the help of the Amputees Active Again Foundation (a3foundation.org), she arranged for Tanya to fly to POA this summer. The following Fox news segment was aired after Tanya’s return to Kansas City with her state-of-the-art prosthetic legs and new dreams for the future. Click here to view Fox News segment.

POA’s Jordan Thomas interview, Parade Magazine, 6/5/2011

POA patient Jordan Thomas (a bilateral below knee amputee) was interviewed by “Parade” magazine. The article appeared in their June 5, 2011 issue. Click here to read the Parade Magazine article >>

Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates patient, double amputee veteran Mike Fradera, is participating in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon Today

Go, Mike!! Click on the following link to view the Orlando Sentinel article

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POA Patient Maggi Pivovar is Educating Others About The Dangers of Meningococcal Meningitis, Nursing News article, 8/2010

Meningococcal meningitis is a bacterial infection that can prove fatal within 24 hours of a persons first symptoms. POA patient Maggi Pivovar knows the dangers of meningitis very well. Three years ago she lost both her legs below the knee after contracting the disease. She now works to increase awareness of the availability of a vaccine that could have protected her against it.
click on the following link to view Nursing News article

POA Patient Anthony Burruto featured in ESPN Magazine article, “Let ‘Em Play”

This article is a couple years old; Anthony is now attending Dr. Phillips High School and a pitcher on their baseball team, but the story is just as inspiring today as it was then, which is why I’m sharing it now. You’ll also read about and see photos of other athletes who, like Anthony, are competing in non-disabled sports.

click here to read article