Fox News Orlando Interviews Blossom the Amputee Dog, 8/8/2013

Blossom the amputee dog interviewed by Fox News this morning! We’ll let you know when it is scheduled to air. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Blossom’s journey, she has her own Facebook page.


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Blossom, Bilateral Amputee Dog, Takes Her New Legs for a Test Drive!, 8/8/2013

Meet Blossom, our first canine amputee patient!   Blossom lost her hind feet soon after birth. In May of this year she was relinquished to the SPCA and then adopted Rodney Purvis (an SPCA employee) as her new dad. Since then, Rodney, with the full support of the SPCA, has been on quest to get Blossom back on all four paws. Stan Patterson, CP and Steve Bremer, CO met with Blossom and Rodney early this summer and began the fitting process.  Cast impressions of Blossom’s residual limbs were taken from which Steve made molds to create the sockets. Blossom remained calm and sweet throughout the process, winning the hearts of POA staff. Once the sockets were finished, prosthetic blade feet were added and Blossom took them for a test drive!   Read more about Blossom on her Facebook page and join her journey as she fights for her right to an extraordinary life.  Click here to view video—>  Blossom the Dog Gets Prosthetic Legs


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