Bree McMahon featured on ESPN, “The Comeback,” aired on 8/5/2012

The story of Bree McMahon, from the tragic accident that led to the amputation of her leg above the knee, to her comeback as a participating member of her college soccer team.

Bree McMahon ESPN segment, “The Comeback,” aired 8/5/2012

POA patient Bree McMahon to be featured on ESPN SportsCenter on Sunday, 8/5/2012

Watch ESPN SportsCenter “Between the Lines” on Sunday, Aug. 5th at 10:00 am, 11:00 pm (and shows throughout the day). They are featuring POA patient Bree McMahon in a segment entitled “THE COMEBACK.” (See synopsis below)

Orlando teen soccer player Bree McMahon had her life planned out. Following club soccer season in the fall, she’d star for her high school team and then choose where to continue her athletic career in college. But in September of 2009, at the beginning of her senior year, McMahon’s life was changed forever when she lost her left leg in a bizarre accident. Her senior year was crushed, but her ambition to play college soccer never wavered. Two and a half years after her accident, Bree McMahon staged a comeback to the field, on the college level and with a prosthetic leg, proving that some dreams are worth holding on to.


Bree McMahon, “Ex-Freedom player defeating the odds,” Orlando Sentinel, 05/15/2012

Bree McMahon was determined to return to the soccer field, and in the 2-1/2 years since the accident that resulted in the amputation of her leg, she has worked hard to make that dream a reality. On April 21st, Bree was put in as goalie in the final game of the spring exhibition season at Brevard College in North Carolina. “I was so nervous,” she said. ” “I was freaking out, but I was still confident. I was hoping I didn’t get scored on, and I did pretty well.” Goal achieved! Now onto the next one, which is competing on the U.S. Paralympic sitting volleyball team in Toronto next month. read more –> Orlando Sentinel article, 5/15/2012 Click here for video link –> Bree McMahon continues her comeback

“Bree McMahon’s Comeback Story Moves to College,” Orlando Sentinel, 11/6/2011

POA’s Bree McMahon continues to inspire and win the hearts of everyone she meets. Two years after the high school soccer star lost her leg above the knee in a horrific accident, an Orlando Sentinel looks at how far she’s come – from being near death in the hospital to being back on the soccer field and training with a prosthetic leg. Click here to read the entire Orlando Sentinel newspaper article. bree_kickin bree_running-2-1