Making a Prosthetic Leg – From Start to Finish

Watch POA prosthetist Rick Shultz create two glittery princess prosthetic legs for Juliette – one for everyday and a running blade for playing and running FAST! ‚ú®ūüíĖūü¶Ņ Although condensed to a little over four minutes in the video, the time it takes to create a prosthesis (or two, in this case) from casting to final […]

Bilateral Amputee Marko Cheseto Sets World Marathon Record

We are very proud of Marko Cheseto¬†– a great athlete and even greater man!¬† He ran the TCS New York marathon and¬† set¬† a new record for bilateral (double) below knee amputees¬† – 2 hours, 52 minutes, 33 seconds.¬† And that was his first marathon!¬† Then Marko returned home to Orlando and became a U.S. […]

Rosie, Hip Disarticulate Amputee, Takes Off Running!

Rosie, an energetic 8 year old hip disarticulate since birth, was thrilled with her new walking and running legs. “I love them so much,” she exclaimed. “Now i can walk down my driveway easy, and I can switch to my running leg so easy. I don’t want to ever stop running!” We are also making […]

Shaylyn Runs For First Time in Her Life with Prosthetic Leg

Shaylyn, who was born with a bone deformity which led to the amputation of her leg two years ago, recently ran for the first time IN HER LIFE – and she took off like she’d been doing it forever! Afterward, she burst into happy tears, and the rest of us (some won’t admit it) joined […]

First Child with Bilateral Hand Transplant

Regas Woods, a congenital bilateral above knee amputee and Paralympic athlete, sent us a photo of him with a pretty incredible new friend. “I met the coolest little famous guy in the airport this morning,” wrote Regas. His name is Zion Harvey, and he’s the first kid to have a bilateral hand transplant. He also […]

Marko Cheseto, bilateral amputee: Future Marathon Man?

  Marko Cheseto, a paralympic athlete,¬† recently moved from Alaska to train with us in Orlando.¬† He is thinking of training for a marathon in the near future.¬† Why not?¬† #noboundaries #dreamitdoit