Dana, Hip Disarticulate: Amazing Story of Survival and Perseverance

This is the story of a true warrior! Dana had been a runner all her life, until a series of events beginning in 2002 led to the amputation of her leg through the hip joint in 2014. Surgery for a stress fracture was unsuccessful and was followed by a knee replacement in 2006. Still in pain and fighting recurrent infections, Dana underwent a second knee replacement a year after that, but that didn’t stop the decline in her health as the infection continued to rage. In 2007, Dana’s leg was amputated above the knee and for the next 7 years she sustained repeated revisions of the limb as they chased the infection, eventually leading the the amputation of her leg at the hip in 2014. She was fit with her first Hip Disarticulate socket, but later that year Dana fell and broke her pelvis. Still determined to walk, she resumed wearing her prosthesis, but then suffered a broken rib from the socket! Despite the discomfort, Dana continued to wear the prosthesis for short periods of time – she was not willing to give up on her wish to walk again, but spent most of her time on crutches. We met Dana earlier this year when she expressed an interest in our patented hip disarticulate system. Within a week she was walking confidently inside the parallel bars, and the next week she was walking outside the bars with a cane as she learned how to walk up/down stairs and ramps. She’s now home in St. Louis and reports that she is back to doing many things she has not been able to do for years! #warrior #fighter #strong #independence #noboundaries

Leo Morales, Hip Disarticulate Amputee, #MovingForward!

Following message is from POA patient Leo Morales of Mexico.  We are blessed to be part of your team, Leo!
“The Doctor’s said because of the cancer and because i am a Hip Disarticulated i will not even wear a prosthetic leg.
Thanks to God, Stan Patterson, all the POACFL team, my loved wife , family and friends for all the support.
Now I’m able to walk and also to run, we are training very hard to make a full marathon.
I want to change the perception of the people with disability, we are able to do even amazing things.
‘Disability is in our mind, not in our body’.
Thanks God, Stan Patterson , my loved wife , family and friends for all the support and to make this possible.”


Brett Bolton (hip disarticulate amputee) places 2nd in Gymnastics Competition

6-year-old Brett Bolton, born without a leg, has come a long way since he was adopted from an orphanage in China 4 years ago. Not only is his running, walking, and keeping up with other kids his age, Brett also excels at gymnastics.  He recently competed in a competition with able-bodied kids and took 2nd place in floor exercises!  View this video to see his winning performance —>Brett at Gymnastics Competition

A few weeks after his competition, Brett stopped by the office and showed us some of his new moves.  We can’t get enough of this kid and his boundless, positive energy!    Brett doesn’t let anything slow him down!


6-Year-Old Brett Bolton places 2nd at State Gymnastics Tournament!, 1/14/2013

6-year-old Brett Bolton, a congenital hip disarticulate amputee, recently took part in a gymnastics competition in Tallahassee, Florida. He placed 2nd in his age division on floor exercises!   Way to go, Brett!     Click here to view his performance on video –>>Brett Gymnastics

To read more about Brett, see his patient profile on our website —>> Brett Bolton


Leo Morales, Hip Disarticulate, attempting to break Guiness World Record, proving once again that disability is a state of mind, 10/3/2012

Next month, POA’s Leo Morales of Cancun, Mexico will be attempting to break a Guiness World diving Record by descending 122 meters into the ocean! Leo tells us he is keeping a promise he made to himself and Stan several years ago, “to use his life to inspire others and prove that amputees can still do amazing things.” Leo’s leg was amputated at the hip in 2008 after he was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after he and his wife traveled to the U.S. searching for the right solution for his prosthetic care. POA was his first stop…. and the rest is history! We are proud of Leo and all he has accomplished – especially how he continues to challenge himself. He’s already a champion…. Bravo, Leo!!!     Click on the following link to read Leo’s patient profile —>Leo Morales Patient Page

leomorales leodive3

An RPG took Josh Olson’s leg, but not his Spirit,” Washington Post, 8/21/2012

As the start of the 2012 Paralympic Games approaches, many of the athletes have been spotlighted by the media. One such athlete is Josh Olson, an Army Sharpshooter and the first active duty soldier to compete in the Paralympics. We are proud and blessed to know Josh, and forever grateful to him and all our service men and women for the sacrifices they make for our safety and freedom.

“An RPG took Josh Olson’s leg, but not his spirit, ” Washington Post article, 8/21/2012


Another one of our heros – Dan Gade – rode in GW Bush Warrior 100K, 4/28/2012

Here’s another one of our heros! – Dan Gade. He became a hip disartic amputee in 2005 due to severe injuries he incurred while serving as a company commander in Iraq. Dan is now an instructor at West Point, teaching political science and public policy. To read more about Dan and check out some great videos of him walking on with his prosthetic leg, click here –> Dan Gade Living Proof


POA Patient Leo Morales (hip disartic) of Cancun, Mexico Completes his First 5K!!, 10/10/2010

Leo continues to achieve every goal he sets for himself, the latest of which he accomplished today; he trained for and completed his first 5K walk/run in Cancun, Mexico!! Leo’s ultimate goal is to participate in the New York marathon! He’s already told Stan he better get in shape because they are going to do it together! 😉 Congratulations, Leo!