Ireland Nugent’s new prosthetic legs!

We fit Ireland Nugent with new prosthetic legs last week. Feeling much more comfortable with the process this time, she even helped Stan cast the molds!     Ireland’s New Legs!♥                      #NoBoundaries


Ireland Nugent left POA with her finished prosthetic legs!

Ireland happily left POA this afternoon with her new prosthetic legs, “Princess Minnie” and “Dora.”  <3  Ireland Nugent’s Big Day video, by POA


‘She’s my superhero’: Brave toddler who lost both legs after father ran over her in horrific lawnmower accident takes first steps on prosthetic limbs, The Daily Mail Online, 6/17/2013

Another great article from “across the pond,” where they were also cheering Ireland on as she took her first steps. This sweet and brave girl is winning the hearts and admiration of people all over the world!   Read the Daily Mail (UK) article by clicking here


Tampa Bay News 10 feature, “Ireland Nugent takes her first steps,” 6/17/2013

In this news report POA’s Rick Shultz, who like Ireland also lost a leg in a lawnmower accident when he was two years old, is also featured.  Rick has no doubt that Ireland has a full, active, and amazing life ahead–just like he has.  🙂   Tampa Bay News 10 broadcast featuring Ireland and Rick


Tampa Bay Times article, “Nothing will Hold her Back,” 6/17/2013

Tampa Bay Times article on Ireland Nugent’s big day! Her laminated prostheses will be fabricated tomorrow–one with Dora the Explorer and Boots and the other will have a pretty pink Minnie Mouse design. (why make a choice when you can have BOTH!:)♥   Tampa Bay Times article


Ireland Nugent takes her first steps on her prosthetic legs at POA! Our photos and WESH News Video/Article, 6/17/2013

There was not a dry eye in the house as Ireland took her first steps on her new prosthetic legs.  The first thing she asked Stan was, “I’m going to take my legs home?” ♥ How could he say no? Ireland left wearing the check sockets which were generously decorated with Dora the Explorer stickers (Stan’s great idea!!!). Tomorrow she will receive her laminated sockets; one with a Dora design and the other with a Minnie Mouse theme.    WESH News Orlando Feature on Ireland Nugent’s First Steps

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Ireland Nugent begins prosthetic fitting process at POA today, 6/13/2013

Today we met Ireland Nugent and her family. Ireland, who lost both her feet in a lawnmower accident, is now ready to begin the prosthetic fitting process. It won’t be long before she is walking (and anything else she wants to do) again! ♥ Click on the following links to view news article and videos.    Fox News Tampa: Ireland’s Introduction to prosthetics News 10 Tampa: Ireland’s first visit to POA