Raekwon, BK, is logging miles on his new running leg!, 11/13/2012

Thanks to Steve Chamberland (BK amputee and former pro wrestler) and his “50 Legs” non-profit foundation¬†(www.50legs.org) for partnering with us to provide Raekwon with a running leg!¬†¬† To view Youtube video, click here



Celebrity Visitors at POA!, 10/17/2012

A couple of celebrities stopped by our facility yesterday—POA patient and former Professional Wrestler Steve “the freak” Chamberland and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart, who managed over 75 wrestling superstars in his career! Steve is the founder of “50 Legs,” a non-profit foundation which provides assistance to amputee children. We are fitting the foundation’s newest recipient with a running leg next week. www.50legs.org