POA’s Anthony Burruto appeared on CNN, “CNN News: Baseball amputee: Coach discriminated,” 2/18/2011

Another great interview with Anthony and his mom, Diane. We are proud to part of his team! 🙂 Click here to view interview

“Legless Pitcher Strikes Out…,” CNN News Wire, 2/15/2011

Following article was released by CNN after Anthony Burruto and his mom, Diane, appeared on HLN’s “Prime Time” last night.
Click here to view CNN News Wire release

“Should Dr. Phillips Amputee be Cut from team ahead of a better player?,” Orlando Sentinel, 2/14/2011

The Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi is conducting a poll on whether or not Anthony should have been cut from his high school baseball team. You can vote by clicking on following link. Click here to view Fox News broadcast

Diane Burruto spoke out about Anthony being cut from his high school baseball team due to his disability, MSBNC, 12/14/11

Great interview with Diane on MSNBC this morning. It’s good to know this is getting some much deserved publicity! Click here to view Fox News broadcast

POA Patient Anthony Burruto featured in ESPN Magazine article, “Let ‘Em Play”

This article is a couple years old; Anthony is now attending Dr. Phillips High School and a pitcher on their baseball team, but the story is just as inspiring today as it was then, which is why I’m sharing it now. You’ll also read about and see photos of other athletes who, like Anthony, are competing in non-disabled sports.

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