Vote for Shelly’s video! 2/1/2013

Shelly Diez, POA patient, LMT, and owner of All Elements Massage Therapy located within our facility in Orlando, FL needs your help to win a video contest! The contest is being sponsored by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage, and entrants were asked to prepare a video about “how the value of certification has touched your life or empowered you to touch other lives.” Shelly makes a difference in the lives of amputees every day at POA! Please view and/or “like” her video on YouTube…. the more views, the better!   The next time you schedule an appointment at POA, you might consider arranging for a session with Shelly as well. She offers special rates for patients and their families. The benefit of massage on the overstressed bodies of amputees is enormous!  Click here to view and “like” Shelly’s entry.     Video Contest


It’s official – we’ve moved!, February 27, 2012

POA’s new facility is open for business! Once the dust has settled and the pictures have been hung we’ll take some photos and give you all a video tour of the place. 🙂 The address remains the same, only the suite number has changed (now #38).

Roger Simon, bi-lateral BK/Symes walking with a confident stride!, 2/2012

Last year around this time, Roger Simon was getting used to his new prostheses and using a cane for support. When he returned to our office this past week for a new set of legs, we were happy to hear that his cane is now gathering some serious dust in a closet!    read more –> Roger Simon, Bi-lateral BK/Symes

POA’s first “Cartwheel Contest” – Ronnie vs. Ellie!!!

Who says you can’t have fun at your prosthetist’s office?

POA prosthetic resident and AK amputee Ronnie Dickson challenged Ellie to a cartwheel contest during her recent visit to our office. Can you guess who the winner was? Let’s just say this: Ronnie may be a rock climber, but Ellie definitely ROCKS!!!!

click here to view video proof —>Rock Climber vs. Little Girl

We’re Moving!

POA is pleased to announce that we will soon be moving from our current location to a new 22,000 sq. ft. facility! The new office is just next door, so no need to reset your GPS! Some remodeling of the new space is under way and we will be moved in by March 1st!
We have simply outgrown our current office, so in order to provide the best possible service to our patients, we have decided to move. The new facility will be significantly larger and will allow us to bring our entire operation under one roof, including all fabrication areas and our fully equipped gym. Other facets of our plan include a state-of-the-art patient fitting and training center, providing an increased number of patient treatment rooms, and many other amenities!
We are very excited to offer this new facility to our patients – and our future patients! Stay tuned for more details….

Ronnie Dickson’s Red River Canyon Climbing Trip, 12/2011

Here’s a few photos from POA’s Ronnie “Spider Man” Dickson during a recent climbing trip to Red River Gorge, a canyon system on the Red River in east-central Kentucky. This canyon system features an abundance of sandstone cliffs, rock shelters, waterfalls and natural bridges, making it one of the world’s most popular and challenging climbing destinations. Ronnie, an above-knee amputee, makes it look easy!

ronnierivergorge1 ronniegorge ronniegorge2