Otto Bock Genium Prosthetic Leg System wins Design Award, O&P Edge article, March 2012

Wow! Otto Bock’s Genium prosthetic leg system was chosen over 14,000 other submissions from 58 countries to receive a prestigious Design Award! Click on following link to read more. O&P Edge article

“Bree McMahon’s Comeback Story Moves to College,” Orlando Sentinel, 11/6/2011

POA’s Bree McMahon continues to inspire and win the hearts of everyone she meets. Two years after the high school soccer star lost her leg above the knee in a horrific accident, an Orlando Sentinel looks at how far she’s come – from being near death in the hospital to being back on the soccer field and training with a prosthetic leg. Click here to read the entire Orlando Sentinel newspaper article. bree_kickin bree_running-2-1

The Newly Released Genium Prosthetic Knee, 7/28/2011

After years of research and development, the Genium Bionic Prosthetic System is now available at select prosthetic facilities in the United States. Developed by Otto Bock Healthcare in partnership with the U.S. Military, the Genium was subjected to rigorous beta testing by wounded soldiers with varying levels of above-knee amputations. POA is one of the select facilities that have been authorized and trained to fit patients with it. The Genium has been proven to function as close to a natural leg as possible, making it the most sophisticated knee of its kind.

The Genium utilizes state-of-the-art technology which has never before been used in prosthetic limbs. The heart of the system is the gyroscope which collects data in three dimensions to identify where it is in space at all times, while an accelerometer simultaneously tracks the speed. The Genium can anticipate your movements and adapt instantaneously during ambulation, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand instead of how to control your prosthesis.

Four sensors provide data to three microprocessors to predict what will happen next. The microprocessors intuitively move the prosthesis much the way a human leg would, allowing you to walk backwards, ascend stairs, step sideways or over obstacles without having to think about it. This is possible because the fluid motion allows the knee to get in front of the body rapidly and supports it, even in a bent position.

Magnetic charging (no open ports) makes the Genium more water resistant than the C-Leg. It can be charged through a cosmetic cover, and will remain charged for up to 5 days. Physically, it is shorter than the C-Leg, which will allow additional foot options for some users.

The unique features of the Genium and its natural, multidirectional movement will smooth out your gait, allow you to walk confidently in your prosthesis, and to try some things you would otherwise not be able to do. This is possible for amputees with any level of above-knee amputation, including hip and hemi-pelvectomy. The higher your level of amputation, the more life-changing this technology could be for you.