POA Women (who happen to be amputees) Celebrating Their Abilities

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies of POA! <3

LIVE OUT LOUD. Celebrate Your Abilities like these Women (who happen to be amputees) Do!


Two Strong Women–who happen to be Bilateral Above Knee Amputees–Focus on Success

Yesterday we witnessed both Amanda and Hilary making great strides in their return to independence!! We are so proud of these strong women, and blessed to be part of their team. “The #1 reason people quit is because they focus on how far they have to go, instead of how far they have COME.” Don’t quit. Be inspired!!!

Click here to view video

“Veterans Administration awards FSU $4.4M,” Tallahassee.com e-magazine, 1/13/2013

POA is honored and delighted to be partnering with FSU, Georgia Institute of Technology, Quantum Motion Medical and St. Petersburg College on this important project — development of the next generation of prosthetic limbs for military veteran amputees.    VA Administration Award Article

POA Patient Update: Little Luna of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 11/26/2012

We have an update on little Luna of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! ♥ Five months ago she learned to walk on her prosthetic leg, and since then this spunky 2-year-old has been unstoppable! Her father sent us the following video to update us on her progress. Bravo, Luna!!! 🙂    Click Here to view video


It’s official – we’ve moved!, February 27, 2012

POA’s new facility is open for business! Once the dust has settled and the pictures have been hung we’ll take some photos and give you all a video tour of the place. 🙂 The address remains the same, only the suite number has changed (now #38).

“Bree McMahon’s Comeback Story Moves to College,” Orlando Sentinel, 11/6/2011

POA’s Bree McMahon continues to inspire and win the hearts of everyone she meets. Two years after the high school soccer star lost her leg above the knee in a horrific accident, an Orlando Sentinel looks at how far she’s come – from being near death in the hospital to being back on the soccer field and training with a prosthetic leg. Click here to read the entire Orlando Sentinel newspaper article. bree_kickin bree_running-2-1

POA’s Jeff Moore demonstrating strength/balance exercise, 8/2011

OA’s Jeff Moore demonstrates one of the many new things he has been doing since he returned home to Oregon with his new leg. Looking good, Jeff!!! 🙂 Click here to view the video .