POA Kids Use Prosthetic Legs as Tools to Defy Disability

We’ve had a lot of fun with our POA kids this summer! Here are a few video *highlights* from their visits:

Last week we transitioned Gianna from a non-bending prosthesis to a “bendy” knee! Gianna caught on so quickly, she made it look easy!

We had a great week of “firsts” with Mae and Jun! Mae, a hip disarticulate, was fit with her very 1st prosthetic socket, and Jun learned to run on her 1st running leg!

POA kids ROCK!

POA Kids Defy Disability!  #BeautifulAsYouFeel

There’s nothing better than seeing our POA kids get up and running….and having fun!  Last week was a great one at POA, helping kids with all levels of amputation get moving!  It didn’t matter what their level of amputation or how many limbs they were missing (single, bilateral, and quadruple amputees), they worked hard and played hard – together.  One of the boys’ mom told us that he is frequently bullied at school and doesn’t know how to make friends. She’s hoping with his new prosthesis, confidence, and friendships that he will have a much better school experience next year. One of the many reasons we love to come to work every day.  #ChangingLives #NoBoundaries

Watch Devin, quad amputee, running on prosthetic blades for 1st Time EVER!

Look what Devin, a quadruple amputee due to meningitis, was able to accomplish in less than an hour! It was the first time he tried on his new running legs. So incredibly proud of this kid!  Who’s next?!   #nofear   #noboundaries  #whywelovecomingtoworkeveryday