POA featured in O&P Edge article, January 2013

The O&P Edge magazine published a nice article about POA in the Better Business section of their January 2013 edition! “Thinking Outside the Clinical Box–Facility Offers Fitness, Wellness, and Social Space.”   Click here  to view article, which begins on page 58 —> OP Edge article on POA


Sub-Atmospheric Socket Design Technology Gains Momentum, O&P Edge, July 2012

POA’s Stan Patterson, CP and other experts in the field of negative pressure/subatmospheric socket design are interviewed in the excellent article published in this month’s edition of the O&P Edge. —> Sub-atmospheric Socket Design Technology Gains Momentum


Anthony Burruto continues to rise above the controversy surrounding Dr. Phillips High School’s decision to cut him from their baseball team

Check out this video of POA’s Anthony Burruto boxing! He hasn’t let the disappointment of being cut from Dr. Phillips High School baseball team keep him down. Anthony works out four days a week with a personal trainer who specializes in athletes who have physical limitations and military guys who are amputees. He plans to play on a travel team and try out for Dr. Phillips again next year. 😉 Click here for video link

POA’s Anthony Burruto appeared on CNN, “CNN News: Baseball amputee: Coach discriminated,” 2/18/2011

Another great interview with Anthony and his mom, Diane. We are proud to part of his team! 🙂 Click here to view interview

“Amputee Triathlete Overcomes Odds,” Local News Story – KESQ TV, Palm Springs, CA

POA patient Scout Bassett is in the news again! For those of you who don’t know her incredible story, prepare to be amazed and inspired! Click following link to view KESQ interview/video. You can also read more about Scout in the “Living Proof” section of our website. Click here to view KESQ interview

“Legless Pitcher Strikes Out…,” CNN News Wire, 2/15/2011

Following article was released by CNN after Anthony Burruto and his mom, Diane, appeared on HLN’s “Prime Time” last night.
Click here to view CNN News Wire release

“Good Morning America” interview with Anthony Burruto, 2/11/2011

Anthony Burruto appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to talk about being cut from his high school baseball team because he is an amputee. Click here to view ABC Nes/Good Morning America interview

Fox News interview with Stan Patterson regarding Anthony Burruto, “Disabled pitcher cut from team,” 2/10/11

Fox News interviewed Stan Patterson today regarding Anthony Burruto being cut from Dr. Phillips High School’s baseball team. In it Stan explains how Anthony’s prosthetic legs work/were designed and gives his opinion on the high school’s decision. Click here to viewFox News video/article

Anthony Burruto, double amputee, cut from Dr. Phillips Baseball Team. “Cutting amputee pitcher Anthony Burruto shows no heart at Dr. Phillips,” Orlando Sentinel, 2/9/11

This is an emotional story. Read why POA patient Anthony Burruto is being cut from his Dr. Phillips High School baseball team. Click here to viewOrlando Sentinel article

POA patient Ken Green, Champions Tour pro golfer, appeared on the Golf Channel Morning Show, 1/24/11

In his blog Ken talked about that experience & also how Stan creates his “golf legs.” Ken’s leg was amputated after a tragic road accident as he traveled home from a golf tournament in 2009. Click here to view an excerpt from the blog entry