FOX News documentary on Wounded Warrior 100K Bike Ride, aired 5/31/2011

POA patient Chris Self was one of the participants featured in this documentary on the recent 100K Bike Ride with former President George W. Bush to raise awareness of Wounded Warriors. Click here to view the FOX News documentary>>

Nate Winters, “Almost Dead in the Water,” Orlando Magazine, June 2010

An excellent article about Nate from the the time of his injury until his amazing baseball comeback just 20 months later! The article includes info on the special “baseball leg” designed for him by Stan Patterson and the staff at POA.

click here for complete Orlando Magazine article

POA’s Nate Winters allowed only one run in his first varsity start since losing his leg (AK) less than two years ago! “Orlando Sentinel” and “Fanhouse” articles dated 4/13/2010


POA patient Nate Winters, who lost his left leg in a boating accident in 2008, allowed one unearned run in four-plus innings in his first varsity game since then. (The following is an excerpt from Fanhouse article) “He’s just a fierce, fierce competitor,” longtime Winter Park baseball coach Bob King said. “It’s why he was able to come back so quickly. It’s why he’s alive today. Forget baseball, it’s the only reason he survived.” He left opposing batters baffled by his curveball and surprised by his control. He left a crowd of about 500 — friends, family, baseball curious — inspired, in awe, cheering and smiling with every pitch. For those that knew his story, there were tears of pride and joy.

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