Steve Chamberland nominated for Bay News 9’s “Everyday Heroes Viewers’ Choice Award,” Vote for Steve! 1/9/2013

Steve Chamberland, POA friend, former pro wrestler, below-knee amputee, and founder of 50 Legs, a non-profit organization which raises money to provide prosthetics for children, has been nominated for Bay News 9’s “Everyday Heroes Viewers’ Choice Award”. Steve puts his heart and soul into his work. One of his most recent recipients was POA’s Zoe Gibbs, who is featured in a video interview of Steve  entitled, “I’m glad I lost my leg; now I can help others.”   You can view the video here —>Steve Chamberland interview and then cast your vote!

We love this guy!!!! Vote for Steve!    To visit the 50 Legs Foundation website, click here —>50 Legs Foundation


Steve Chamberland and Jimmy Hart during a visit to POA.

POA’s Zoe Gibbs in the News!, “Teenager Returns to Volleyball Court with Prosthetic Leg,” 10/8/2012

Zoe was in the news again!  This time, “The Ledger,” a Polk County Florida newspaper, featured her in an article about her return to Volleyball.  Zoe lost her leg in 2011 after a jet-ski accident.  Since then she has overcome many obstacles, including several surgeries and infections.  Now Zoe is focusing on the future, and doing all the things a normal 16-year-old girl does – like driving on car!   🙂   click here to view “The Ledger,” article dated 10/8/2012 —>Zoe Gibbs return to Volleyball


Zoe Gibbs, “Courageous Teen Learns to Walk Again,” Fox News Tampa newscast, 5/10/2012

Fox News Tampa was at POA last week to film Zoe Gibbs learning to walk again after a year of setbacks and recovery. You can also view the actual newscast by clicking on following link and then choosing same subject story from the archives. Courageous Teen Leans to Walk Again

To view written article, click on this link –> Fox Tampa Bay article, Courageous Teen Learns to Walk Again

POA’s Zoe Gibbs, “Lakeland Teen Hurt in Lake Accident Speaks at Event,” The Ledger news, 5/2/2012

POA’s Zoe Gibb’s, a below knee amputee, reunited with the helicopter rescue crew that airlifted her to the hospital after her jet-ski accident last year. It’s been a long, tough road since then, but Zoe’s spirit is stronger than any of it! The Ledger Newspaper Article

Zoe Gibbs, BK – Back on her feet with eyes focused on the future!, 5/1/2012

In April 2011, Zoe Gibbs, age 14, lost her leg below the knee in a horrific accident involving the collision of two jet skis. After enduring and recovering from 11 surgeries in the past year, Zoe is eager to reclaim her life as an active teenager. Last week she took her first steps back to independence on her prosthetic leg. With eyes fully focused on the future, the sky’s the limit for this determined girl!

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POA patient Zoe Gibbs’ ABC News interview, “Teenager Bounces Back from Jet Ski Accident,” 9/7/2011

Zoe Gibbs is ready to get back in the game! The following ABC news segment, filmed at our POA office and fitness center, tells the story of Zoe’s accident, recovery, rehabilitation program and plans for the future. With her determined and positive spirit, she’ll be back on the volley ball court with her teammates in no time!