Amputee Athlete Calob Leindecker Runs Again on Prosthetic Blade/Foot!

     Calob Leindecker was a standout high school athlete, excelling at football and golf. It was the summer before his junior year, and he was had set his sights on getting a starting position on the football team that fall. It looked like everything was going Calob’s way. But a freak accident while helping a friend who’s truck had become stuck in the Mississippi mud changed all that. The driver mistakenly put the truck in reverse, sending it plummeting down an incline and onto Calob’s leg. The injuries to his limb were so extensive that doctors were unable to save it, and Calob’s leg was amputated below the knee. 

     In the five years since then, Calob has fought hard to regain his abilities, but was limited by his prosthetic components. That was until he came to POA last week, where he was fit with a prosthetic running blade/foot and right before our eyes took off like a natural!  “It was the most amazing feeling,” said Calob. “I can’t even describe how good it felt.”   #believe #neverstoptrying