Proposed Medicare Policy Changes Would Adversely Affect Prosthetic Care for Amputees – We Must Act NOW!

Double Amputee Laying In Bed

CNN article/interview with amputees regarding the proposed Medicare policy changes and effect they would have on prosthetic care. –> CNN Article on Medicare prosthetic rule change.  For those of you who may not be aware, Brian Mast, one of amputees featured in this article, is running for Congress! We’re very proud of Brian and excited about the good work he could do for our Country if elected. Thank your for your continued service, Brian.

From Amputee Coalition:   “The ONLY comments that will be considered by the Medicare committee are those that are submitted in writing. PLEASE- if you have not yet sent your letter, we encourage you to do so. We need to have our voices heard! Prosthetics are ‪#‎NOTALUXURY‬!

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