Heat + Humidity = “Summer Sweat Syndrome!” — Here’s Some Relief for Amputees

Even the best fitting prosthetic limb can become uncomfortable when you are in a hot and humid environment for an extended length of time.

I recently discovered that some prescription strength antiperspirant products had become available over-the-counter, so I gave them a try. Certain Dri antiperspirant (roll-on version), and Secret Clincal Strength antipersirant/deodorant are the two I tested.
I prefer the Certain Dri; you apply it to your limb before going to bed and remains effective for 2-3 days afterward (even after showering), but both products work well. I now use it when I am planning to be outdoors all day in the summer (at the beach or local theme parks), and especially when engaging in strenous activities.

Give these products a try if you find yourself suffering from “summer sweat syndrome!” 🙂

Amputee Soldier Still on the job in Afghanistan, 7/14/10

Capt. Dan Luckett of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division is assigned to one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan, the Zhari district just north of Kandahar city, where Taliban attacks are common. He goes on patrols, lifts weights in his spare time and is second in command of his company.
That may not sound unusual. What is unusual is that Luckett is a double amputee, after injuries he received in combat in Iraq in 2008.
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