Kent Solheim in Huffington Post article, “Green Berets Overcome Loss of Limbs and Look To Help Others Do The Same,” 5/26/2013

POA’s Kent Solheim took part in this years’ Warrior 100 Bike Ride, an event hosted by former president George W. Bush at his ranch to honor wounded veterans. Kent remains on active duty as an amputee. We thank him for his continued service to our country and people, and his strong commitment to the families of fallen Special Ops soldiers. Kent is involved with a non-profit group called The Chatham Bay Foundation which sponsors yearly SCUBA diving trips and instruction to the families of Special Ops soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. “I want to do for these families what I would have wanted people to do for my wife and kids if I had not made it back,” says Kent. If you are looking for a way to show your gratitude to our nation’s heroes, this program, where every dollar donated will be used to pay for the SCUBA event, is a great cause.  Click on the following link to read the Huffington Post Article, Green Berets Overcome Loss Of Limbs And Look To Help Others Do The Same


Jordan Thomas featured on Golf Channel, “In Play,” 5/21/2013

On August 16, 2005, Jordan Thomas, then 16, lost both of his legs below the knee at at the age of 16 as the result of a boating accident.  An avid golfer since he was old enough to hold a club, Jordan was determined to get back in the game.  He said, “If I work hard at this, I know I’ll be back.”   The Golf Channel did a great job chronicling his incredible comeback and success story. Click on the following video link to view it.  Jordan Thomas Golf Channel Feature


“Walking Tall,” an article by Roger Simon on

Roger Simon–writer, commentator and the chief political columnist of Politico–shared his personal POA experience and observations in a thoughtfully written article, “Walking Tall,” on   Thank you for your kind words, Roger! Click here to read article

Roger, a bilateral BK/Symes amputee, has been a POA patient since 2010, a year after losing his legs to a severe blood infection.

POA’s Chris Self Captures GOLD in Cycling at Warrior Games!, 5/12/2013

Chris and Dana Self….hanging out with Prince Harry at the 2013 Warrior Games.   And by the way, Chris just captured Gold in cycling for the 2nd year in a row!!!!!   Congrats!!!!


POA Women (who happen to be amputees) Celebrating Their Abilities

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies of POA! <3

LIVE OUT LOUD. Celebrate Your Abilities like these Women (who happen to be amputees) Do!


Former NFL Player Reggie Williams, “The problem of paying the bills,” Washington Post, 5/10/2013

Former NFL player Reggie Williams, who now lives in Orlando, was recently at POA to work with Stan and Steve and have his orthopedic device needs reassessed. The Washington Post featured Reggie in an article yesterday, chronicling the health problems which stem from his playing career. (POA patients will recognize Simba’s favorite–not–skeleton in the photo below.)   Click here to read Washingston Post article




Two Strong Women–who happen to be Bilateral Above Knee Amputees–Focus on Success

Yesterday we witnessed both Amanda and Hilary making great strides in their return to independence!! We are so proud of these strong women, and blessed to be part of their team. “The #1 reason people quit is because they focus on how far they have to go, instead of how far they have COME.” Don’t quit. Be inspired!!!

Click here to view video

Z Flies! Her Amphibian Air Adventure

POA’s “Z” (bilateral above knee amputee) shared the following video link and message:

“Special thanks to everyone at POA–especially Stan Patterson–for giving me my ‘wings!’ Without sockets which fit comfortably and securely I would not have been able to experience this great adventure, as well as many other things able-bodied people take for granted. With a strong spirit and great team, all things are possible!”

Z Flies


Steve Chamberland/ Helps Amputee Children

Steve Chamberland of teamed with POA to provide some of the funding for prosthetic care of these 5 lovely little ladies! is a non-profit organization which Steve, a former pro wrestler and below-knee amputee, established to provide funding for prosthetic care for children in need.  You can read more about Steve and his wonderful organization by visiting (website) or the 50Legs Facebook page.


A Day of “Firsts” for POA’s Samantha (PFFD Amputee), Age 1

Born with a limb deficiency, Samantha recently underwent revision/amputation surgery which allowed her to be fit with a prosthetic leg. This week she celebrated both her first birthday …and her first steps!   Congratulations, Sammy girl!!!!  Following is a link to the video we made to document this special occasion! Samantha’s Day of Firsts!