Ireland Nugent takes her first steps on her prosthetic legs at POA! Our photos and WESH News Video/Article, 6/17/2013

There was not a dry eye in the house as Ireland took her first steps on her new prosthetic legs.  The first thing she asked Stan was, “I’m going to take my legs home?” ♥ How could he say no? Ireland left wearing the check sockets which were generously decorated with Dora the Explorer stickers (Stan’s great idea!!!). Tomorrow she will receive her laminated sockets; one with a Dora design and the other with a Minnie Mouse theme.    WESH News Orlando Feature on Ireland Nugent’s First Steps

irelandstand irelandsteve

Kent Solheim in Huffington Post article, “Green Berets Overcome Loss of Limbs and Look To Help Others Do The Same,” 5/26/2013

POA’s Kent Solheim took part in this years’ Warrior 100 Bike Ride, an event hosted by former president George W. Bush at his ranch to honor wounded veterans. Kent remains on active duty as an amputee. We thank him for his continued service to our country and people, and his strong commitment to the families of fallen Special Ops soldiers. Kent is involved with a non-profit group called The Chatham Bay Foundation which sponsors yearly SCUBA diving trips and instruction to the families of Special Ops soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. “I want to do for these families what I would have wanted people to do for my wife and kids if I had not made it back,” says Kent. If you are looking for a way to show your gratitude to our nation’s heroes, this program, where every dollar donated will be used to pay for the SCUBA event, is a great cause.  Click on the following link to read the Huffington Post Article, Green Berets Overcome Loss Of Limbs And Look To Help Others Do The Same


Former NFL Player Reggie Williams, “The problem of paying the bills,” Washington Post, 5/10/2013

Former NFL player Reggie Williams, who now lives in Orlando, was recently at POA to work with Stan and Steve and have his orthopedic device needs reassessed. The Washington Post featured Reggie in an article yesterday, chronicling the health problems which stem from his playing career. (POA patients will recognize Simba’s favorite–not–skeleton in the photo below.)   Click here to read Washingston Post article




MeiMei wins 1st Place in Youth Category at PTRC Triathlon!

Sending a huge shout out and congratulations to POA’s **MeiMei White!** MeiMei finished FIRST in the Youth Category at the Paratriathlon Regional Championship held in Clermont, FL on March 23rd. She is now one of the Top Contenders for the National Championship!!! WOW! Great job, MeiMei! We are so proud of you!!  Article from USA Triathlon Florida Region website


POA featured in O&P Edge article, January 2013

The O&P Edge magazine published a nice article about POA in the Better Business section of their January 2013 edition! “Thinking Outside the Clinical Box–Facility Offers Fitness, Wellness, and Social Space.”   Click here  to view article, which begins on page 58 —> OP Edge article on POA


POA’s Rock Climbing Wall is Here!, 8/9/2012

After much anticipation, POA’s rock climbing wall is here! Be sure to check it out during your next visit!

Rock climbing is a whole body workout that improves strength, endurance, and stamina.  Ronnie Dickson – CP, AK amputee and experienced rock climber -is looking forward to introducing our patients to climbing!


POA video Patient Profile on Laura Ortiz, BK Amputee, 6/28/2012

Amputee * Triathlete * Warrior — Laura Ortiz of Miami, Florida is all these things and more. She is an example of how the power of determination and persistence can help you triumph over the difficulties life can throw at you. Whether you are a new amputee learning to walk with your prosthesis, or setting your sights on running or participating in the sport of triathlon, Laura’s spirit and personal commitment to succeed is sure to inspire you! POA Patient Profile: Laura Ortiz

POA’s Jordan Thomas featured on Golf Channel, 12/12/2011

Jordan Thomas appeared on the Golf Channel’s “Golf in America” feature tonight. They did an excellent job of showing how this remarkable young man has turned his own personal tragedy into something positive for others. Click here to view the Golf Channel video.

A look at POA’s new Fitness/Training Facility, 10/2011

POA has opened a new fitness facility designed so amputees of all ages, abilities, and levels of amputation can exercise safely and effectively. Personalized instruction and guidance by professional trainers is provided. Although still a work in progress, many of our patients are already reaping the benefits. Come on over and check it out!

POA patient Tanya Khvisko, “Child of Chernobyl gets new Prosthetic Legs,” Fox news, 8/23/2011

Tanya Khvisko, a “child of Chernobyl,” was born with limb deficiencies 4 years after the devastating nuclear power plant accident. She is currently living in Kansas City with host families while attending school. POA patient Maggi Pivovar and Tanya met at a local church where Tanya admired Maggi’s high tech legs, and the two of them formed an instant bond. Maggi noticed that Tanya was in need of new prosthetic limbs. With the help of the Amputees Active Again Foundation (, she arranged for Tanya to fly to POA this summer. The following Fox news segment was aired after Tanya’s return to Kansas City with her state-of-the-art prosthetic legs and new dreams for the future. Click here to view Fox News segment.