African Boy Walks for First Time with Two Prosthetic Legs

Daniel, a 14 year old boy from Africa arrived in Orlando yesterday, and today he was up and walking on two legs for the first time in 11 years! When he was 3 years old, a motorcycle fell on Daniel’s legs, and substandard medical care resulted in amputation of both legs above the knee. A missionary group funded travel and arranged to bring Daniel and his father to POA. 50 Legs will be providing running legs. This video shows Daniel’s real┬átime progression from first steps, to walking with two hands, outside the bars with a gait belt, and back in the bars using just one hand! Throughout the day he also met and received encouragement from Isaiah Pead, a former NFL football player who lost his leg in an accident, and Kenny Shaw, who won the National Championship while playing for Florida State. When asked how it feels to be walking on two legs, Daniel’s joyful smile says it all.┬áStay tuned for updates throughout the month!

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